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Spring Time Cultural Thoughts

Spring time is here and my most favorite time of the year. A time of the year where the earth feels awakened. The snow has melted, our hill sides are green and our new foods are calling. It is a beautiful life that our Creator has given us but it is not always easy. Growing up my grandmother would like to go digging with her friends in Nespelem. She would pack a bundle of food, her digging bags, and her digger. We would carry her bundle for her to the digging fields. We would dig roots all day long. The smell of a fresh roots, dug out of the cool soil, makes my mouth water. After filling our bags, we would bundle everything up and walk back home. Then the peeling came next, it seemed like we would never finish. By nights end, our fingers would be cased with dirt, the skin from under our nails would be stinging. Sleeps after nights like this seemed to be more satisfying. This life the Creator has given us makes me happy. It is easier to buy food at the store then to gather, clean and store our traditional foods, but it is so worth it. The food that we gather is used year round in our home, for family namings, funerals, celebrations, to Sunday dinners. I send prayers to our people that they are able to go out and gather, for themselves, for their families and for our elders. I pray that your freezers are filled and that you too have a good night sleep. Imaqis qeciyawyaw hunyawat & tac lehayn.
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