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"Hope Through Caring"

Nespelem District Council Position #2


Council Achievements


Climate Change

The Colville Tribes to collaborate with Inslee on climate change.


  -Lynnwood Times

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Acquisition of Tri-City Territory Land

Presentation to the Pasco Chamber of Commerce, describing the historic connections of the Colville Palus people to the area.

-Indian Gaming


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Sinixt victory

Colville Tribes celebrate Sinixt people’s victory in Canada’s Supreme Court.

-The Guardian

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Tribal Prosperity  Plans in the Tri-Citys

"We want any tribal economic development project to benefit the entire area.."

-Union Bulletin

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Salmon Return to the Columbia River

First time in 80 years.....

-Lewiston Tribune

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Indigenous Identity, History and Cultural Survival

Rodney Cawston talks to Allan Bonner about the Sinixt Nation – what it means to be Sinixt and yet be called “extinct”

-Peskotomuhkati Nation

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