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"Hope Through Caring"

Nespelem District Council Position #2

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Dear Nespelem District Voters
Thank you for visiting my page to learn more of why I decided to run for the Colville Business Council and to represent the Nespelem District.
I have learned a great deal in my time away from the Council, I have heard employees speak of how frightened they are to go to Council chambers.  I have also heard there is a lack of communication both upwardly and downwardly.  What are the Council Committees objectives?  I want to use today's technology to hear from our tribal members and what do you feel are important issues that Council should be addressing?  
There are issues that I started when I was first elected to Council that I would like to continue to work on.  I want to work on the development of our land purchase at Pasco.  I want to see salmon reintroduced back above Grand Coulee Dam.  I read my initial letter to the membership, and I stated that I want better for our people, and I still want our people to be prosperous.  I want to be a part of creating an environment that our children can flourish in, where they can grow and learn our traditions.  I want to preserve our Natural Areas to remain abundant with the animals, fish, roots, berries and medicines of our ancestors.  
I would be honored to have you VOTE in the Primary on, May 6, 2023.  To request an absentee ballot contact election at 509-634-2151 or 509-634-2121.


& Experience

Ph.D Candidate

Natural Resources

30+ yrs. Experience:

Tribal, Federal, State


& Traditions

Language and Traditional Lessons are very important...



Drafted Federal and State Laws/Regulations.


Lobbied "Every Student Succeeds Act"

My Commitment to the Tribe

Increase Jobs and Revenue


Reclaim Territory Rights

Respect and Transparency 

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